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 Brian Cannon is a New York Musician / Comedian that has Continued to Create Original Songs and Comedy in all styles and genres since the 1970s. Having performed internationally with many Top artists over the years including BAJAMEN (who let the dogs out) at Madison Square Garden, NEKTAR in 1979 as well as recently (2019) with Reggae Legend King Yellowman and countless others. Brian Cannon is also credited for writing and performing on the second Punk Rock compilation album in history"the Big Apple- Rotten to the core" with Slimepuppies as Singer and Bassist. Brian Cannon is credited for writing and producing for dozens of Artists and Bands over the years .Notably "UPPER CRUST CREW' local bands from Yonkers and Elsewhere.From Hard Rock to Soul, Blues ,Country,Reggae, Jazz and many other funky tunes Brian Cannon has continually delivered some of the funniest jokes and coolest music ever.

Brian Cannon Madison Square Garden

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